For the First Time Since Happy Meals—I’m Lovin’ It

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Famous for its milkshakes, cheeseburgers and super-sized fries, McDonald’s has taken the next step toward changing its image. This time around, the restaurant is doing a little more than throwing some fried chicken on top of a bed of lettuce and calling it a salad.


 It’s newest efforts manifest themselves in a yearlong food-credibility campaign.


The campaign will battle misperceptions about the quality of McDonald’s food. So how will McDonald’s get its word out? It’ll spread the word using the PR professional’s newest favorite tool, Web 2.0. Read more about it in a recent Ad Age article.

“We wanted to have an open dialogue instead of broadcasting a message like advertising in the [fast-food industry]. We wanted to take a different approach,” said Jaime Guerrero, account manager at Tribal DDB.


(Finally – people are beginning to think more like Al Ries).


I spent some time exploring the “Food, Nutrition and Fitness” section of McDonald’s Web site—and I have to admit, McDonald’s is winning this girl over.


The site encourages viewers to:


  • “See what we’re made of,” offering Q&A on everything you could want to know about every product, right down to what kind of seasoning is in the sausage.
  • Seek tips from three Wellness Experts
  • Learn from Moms’ Quality Correspondents in a microsite that features moms who will have “unprecedented access to the McDonald’s system to see how McDonald’s serves millions of customers quality food every dayross the country.” Other moms can join a community or ask questions.


The “From Farm to Restaurant,” “Meet our Suppliers” and “Meet the Crew” areas are coming soon, the site reports.


The new McDonald’s mind-set may be a big step in dismantling its reputation of the villainous fast-food joint that uses the horse meat in its burgers and pumps Americans full of grease.


It will be interesting to see how long it takes for Burger King and Wendy’s to

discover that broadcasting bacon and extra cheese might not be the key to selling more burgers.



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  1. It’s crucial for McDonald’s CEO and other high-ranking authorities to have a blog. Business blog is the first step in all companies PR efforts. So, if McDonald’s wants to change its image, the agent of change must be his CEO, and the CEO must start a business blog, focusing on the new quality issues.

  2. The thing I like about McDonalds’ approach is that it involves everyday people. This, in my opinion, will lead to more participation. I agree with you about McDonald’s having a business blog. A high-ranking authority or CEO will make the message much more credible. Thanks for the input.

  3. While I do agree that business blog will help their cause it can only go so far. No matter how you would like to sugar coat things fast food never has been and never will be healthy. As long as McDonald’s has that huge fryer on the premises it can’t be classified as a “change”. While I am a fan of fast food because of convience and taste, everytime I order I think of how this is really going to have a negative effect on not only my waist line but also my overall health. If McDonald’s would like to really become a healthier institution they should remove all fried foods from their menu and take the time to prepare food for it’s quality not quantity. It’s time that we stop being manipulated about what’s “healthy” and actually be provided with sound alternatives to the all American burger and fries.

  4. I believe that a business blog is a great opportunity for the CEO to get his message out and also recieve feedback from the people who matter most. I applaud McDonald’s efforts in trying to regain a more positive image. I want a healthier McDonald’s just as much as the next person, but I agree with Geneva, fast food is not and will not ever be the healthiest choice. But I I also feel McDonald’s does not sell burgers and fries because of its nutritional value. When McDonald’s first opened back in the 40’s, it was known for its speedy service…not for its healthy burgers. I think customers should remember this when heavily criticizing the company. I think with a business blog, McDonald’s can begin to look like less of a huge corporation and more of a customer-friendly business with the consumers best interest at heart. After all wasn’t that the whole point of McDonald’s existence?

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