Healthy Lifestyle Trends – Count Fido In!

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I spn25802052_33924097_97471.jpgoil my dog (the Cocker Spaniel below) with treats, squeak toys and ice cubes in his water. But fortified water? I don’t know how soon we’ll be running to the store for that one.  

After 18 months and $80 million invested in research, Cott Corporation‘s Fortifido, the first ever fortified water for pets, debut last month at the Global Pet Expo. It hit the ground running as far as publicity goes. Watch the Ad Age video about Fortifido, it sums up the whole campaign.

 The impetus behind the product is market success in similar beverages for humans. dogwater.jpg

“Consumers are moving toward what they perceive to be healthier, better-for-you-type solutions. … We’ve been able to take advantage of that on the human side. And we know that trends in the pet category quickly follow trends in the human category,” said Charles Calise, Cott’s director-innovation for North America 

The combination of industries for this product is perfect. In 2005, Mintel projected that the sale of wellness/functional beverages is expected to grow to $12.8 billion by 2009.

Think that is a big number? How about this one:

Last year, Americans spent more than $40 billion on pets in 2007, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.

 I don’t doubt that the owners of the most pampered pooches will pay a pretty penny for Fortifido (there are such things as dog earrings and sunglasses). Who knows, maybe the extra vitamins will reduce those vet bills that constitute for $19.7 billion of the spending. 

The Cott Corp. saw an opportunity and took advantage of it.  They were even smart enough to publicize that Fortifido will not hurt your child if they accidentally consume it. Crisis diverted, before people could even question about it. 

My budget is telling me that my dog, Dusty, will stick to his ice water (and toilet water he is notorius for drinking). But it will be interesting to see if people who aren’t on a college student’s budget catch on to Fortifido.


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